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As I was praying this morning, I found a Prayer for the Church and the Civil Authorities by Archbishop Carroll back in the 1800s. A macro-realization came to me. Our beloved country- American urgently needs our prayer. It is under attack from all sides. The bodies of its people through sickness. It's economy, as our markets continue a nosedive and through forced slow-downs. Spiritually, as people do not need God, continue to do Godless things and undermined the authority of God. One can argue that this situation started with an unforeseen enemy- a virus, however, we are sadly realizing that that no man is an island and that a long standing history of weakening our self and our country is showing.

I have seen postings on the internet, wondering, pointing out, questioning this is God’s chastisements to the world and especially to the United States. My question is this if you believe this to be true, or are you thinking about this statement, what are you doing to help correct the problems? God hears our prayers. Mary has asked us to fast. Is the situation not bad enough for you yet to repent of your offenses to God, to acknowledge God as the head of all. Take this moment in time to turn away from other idols, offer prayers in reparation for your transgressions, the offenses of our world, and its people? Man has never been able to solve its problems in isolation without God. Isn’t it time we begin to realize this fact and submit in obedience and service to God. “For behold, I will make all things anew.” Revelations 21:5.”

Join me in continued prayer and fasting for our country, its leaders and citizens, and our world.

Prayer for the Church and for the Civil Authorities can be found in the Spirituality tab

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