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The Way of the Cross

Lent gives us an opportunity to draw deeper into the passion of Our Lord. Participating in the Stations of the Cross is one way to fulfill our Lenten obligations. I cringe when I hear myself say the word "obligations" as our current Church practices have watered down our faith and Lenten "duties" to a thin broth rather than the rich stock of substance it was meant to be. Who can live on such feeble sustenance? The soul grows weak and frail without good spiritual nourishment. Our souls' thirst and hunger for ways to please Our Lord. My last pilgrimage stop was to Medjugorje last year. While walking up Mt. Krizevac, we said the Stations of the Cross. I adapted those reflections, found in the book Follow Me With Your Heart by Fr. Slavko Barbaric, into a booklet which I will use during Lent. You don't need to wait until Friday to journey with Jesus. I am including my word doc link, so you can print it off for your own use.

The Stations of the Cross are always a good place for me to start in Lent because it becomes the driving factor to spiritual depth. It leads me to realize once more how much God loves me and wants only the best for me. It clarifies just how much I am apart of the story of Jesus' crucifixion. It calls me to want to pray for others, fast for the needs of others and highlights where I am to provide financial backing (almsgiving) to organizations who are truthtelling and worthy.

I always pray the Lord will open your heart through these words.

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