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Spiritual Maturity and Work Place Drama

Much could be said and explored on both these topics, however, after a recent conversation, I realized these two topics have an inverse relationship to each other. The more you understand your spirituality, in this context, I mean your purpose and meaning on this planet, the easier it is to disengage from workplace drama and not be emotionally attached to other people's issues and problems. This does not mean lacking compassion or providing a needed listening ear. It involves setting up your own personal boundary of emotional involvement. Image seeing yourself and a co-worker having a conversation, this co-worker begins firing off negative emotional energy in the discussion. What's happening? They are literally dropping Velcro balls of negative energy such as anger, resentment, etc. all over you. You think your role is to accept these emotions. Maybe you don't even realize that now you are covered with their negative emotions, plus your own feelings are activated and elevated. Guess whose blood pressure is beginning to rise? When you accept someone else emotional energy: they start to feel better, you begin to feel worse. (Go to my Spirituality Page to see how spiritual maturity can help).

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