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Pilgrimage Insights

As you may have been following, my October 2019 pilgrimage began my exploration and witnessing of the Marian apparition sites of Fatima, Portugal, Lourdes, France, and Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina. I hope that all of you may come to visit these sites. As I described in a prior blog, it was placed on my heart to prepare for this experience by reading the four volumes which comprise *The Mystical City of GodThe Divine History and Life of the Virgin Mother of God, manifested to the Venerable Sister Mary of Agreda. Each location provided a step of preparation for me. Fatima, though built up from years of pilgrims coming and needing comforts, was there. However, I found beauty and peace in walking the Stations of the Cross in the fields where the children, Lucy, Juanita, and Francisco tended to their sheep and where the angels (who prepared the children for Mary’s visits) and the Blessed Mother visited them. I also found Fatima to be a place where I could do serious praying for those placed on my heart. (there is a long path in the sanctuary for this use). Lourdes was deeply spiritual. This site became the location where I received the answer to a question I posed to the Blessed Mother at the beginning of my trip. It came suddenly and intensely. It came with a revelation of how this error led to other mistakes in my life, and a chastisement (sweetly, but firmly) of where I had gone wrong. It was then my choice to decide what to do about my answer. I accepted my error and repented. I was thereby gaining God's gift of grace and forgiveness. We are all given a choice to say yes or no to God. He didn't create robots. I could have said thanks, but and continue my merry way of denial (which leads to remaining distance from God's grace and mercy). Medjugorje, in its rural and peace, filled setting became the confirmation of truth, the playing out of reality, and has changed my spiritual practices. I adhere to the five stones that Our Blessed Mother provides for us to conquer our Goliath (1 Samuel 17:32-50 New American Bible revised edition). 1.) *Prayer with the heart in saying the decades of the Rosary 2.) Receive the Eucharist 3.) Read the Holy Bible 4.) Practice Fasting 5.) Go to monthly confessions.

* Book information can be found under "Spirituality - Insights" menu.

May God use these words to draw you closer to him.

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