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I found this lovely hymn in today’s Morning Readings of the Magnificat.

Let a shining robe be mine. Spotless as the snowdrift white, You, who for your form divine, Make a garment of the light.

Darkness from your presence flies, You are light: and where you are, Radiance, as from heav'nly skies, Seeks, effulgent, every heart.

Let your presence fill my soul, Let my heart your nearness feel; Speak the word, and I am whole; Touch my wounds, and they shall heal.

Then the night that round me lies, At your presence shall depart; And a glorious light

Arise In the darkness of my heart.”

It is this glorious light that flees the darkness of our hearts that we celebrate in lighting the rose light of the Advent wreath on Gaudete Sunday. It reminds us of the coming joy of the Savior's birth, our hope for salvation. Take time to reflect on the events of Christ’s birth – a young girl saying yes to God, putting culture norms, and people's opinions out the door because she knew the truth. A faith-filled espoused man who opened his heart to trust and began his journey of protection despite what people perceived to be "the right thing to do" in their society. A powerful King with a big ego, who would stop at nothing to seek out and destroy this new King. The journey of three Wise Men of science who trusted their instinct to follow a Star and the pure beauty of shepherds “doing their ordinary life” who responded to the call of an angel and given the joy of first witnessing the birth of the newborn King.

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