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A Valentine Blog to the Gentlemen

Dear Gentlemen,

I am blogging specifically to you today about an important subject. I don't know you personally or your circumstances or situations. I know it isn't easy figuring out the finicky nature of women; at least that is what my husband and two sons say; anyway, my real point is to emphasize your importance in the role of the family. You have a specific function and purpose in God's design within the family. I can attest from a professional level the fallout from a lack of a father figure in the home. It leads to countless problems in the lives of children and women, which can lead to desperation. Perhaps your own father wasn’t the greatest or like mine died too soon to provide me with all his loving care and strength of character. Everyone has a story.

Nevertheless, we can't sit back and play the whoa-is-me forever. Whether you’re a single guy or a married man, look to St. Joseph as your role model and bring Christ into your life to accompany you on your journey. You don’t need perfection, but integrity, courage, and truth-telling are key factors. Behaviors, actions, speech, and treatment of women, as well as others, are observed by your children or your nieces and nephews!

My Valentine's gift to you is this YouTube video from Fr. Goring. He talks about men and the importance of being a follower of Christ. and on St. Joseph from Ascension. Both links are wonderful. I have to tell you this video on St. Joseph was a part of Ascension's Advent program, but it doesn't matter St. Joseph was with Jesus and Mary until his death. Why not begin this program for Lent? Don't tell my husband, but I ordered the journal for him. He is my Joseph.

The Holy Family was shown to us by God as a model. We need healthy families and leadership Guys. Please pass along these links to other men in your circles that could benefit.

Many Blessings Men of God,

Chaplain Maryann

P.S. More about the women in a different blog.

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