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2020 Ordinary Year?

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Today begins the Ordinary Liturgy of the Church. I sat in my pew this morning, contemplating how unordinary 2020 is already starting to shape up. My eyes have been open to many things in the realm of our Church and state since returning from last year's pilgrimage. It would seem that even though they are supposed to be separate, church and state are closer than ever and meddling in each other's business. Let me say that “The Chaplain” has made a few changes. I have begun to change my Sunday schedule so that I can attend Latin mass more frequently. Receive Holy Communion on the tongue and I have opened up to reading some new sources in the realm of Catholic media. I will list some new sources of media information that I encourage you to explore and come to your conclusions. Not all is as it appears. 2 Corinthians 4:4, “Their unbelieving minds have been blinded by the god of the present age so that they do not see the splendor of the gospel showing forth the glory of Christ, the image of God.” testifies to this thinking. I will encourage you to concentrate because evil is leading people into confusion. On the surface, things and ideas may seem right, but they are not.

Take the time to begin to review the principals of your Catholic faith. Go back to the Baltimore Catechism (the original ) and start a course of study. Trust me, on this point, that people are confused about their faith, which makes them easily vulnerable to having the "wool pull over their eyes." I see this truth during my visits to Catholic patients. Remember, you are not Catholic because of the music or priest, but by the belief in the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist at the consecration in mass. Unfortunately, our clergy and catechesis have not stressed or provided adequate teaching for a very long time, and faith-filled people who thought they are doing the right thing are not. Reverence is lacking. God provides us with free will, and you can make your own decision. A note of caution, when everyone is doing something it is a good indicator that you're being led down the wrong path. Jesus' walk is through the narrow gate aka against popular culture. Please don't sit back in the pews this year as our moral teaching are convoluted into some secular normalcy. Respectfully ask your Church leadership, why? Visit my Spirituality tab to see some supporting links under Insights.

May God use these words to open your heart to Him. Happy New Year.

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