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From Blog 12/13/2019

Book Title: The Mystical City of God- The Divine History and Life of the Virgin Mother Of God, by Sr. Mary of Agreda. (Now Venerable). 1914.TAN Books, Charlotte, North Carolina, (4 Volumes). Available on Amazon.

From Blog 8/9, 2019

Book Title: St. Michael and the Angels: A Month with St. Michael and the Holy Angels

                 TAN Books, Rockford, Il  Available on Amazon.  


New Perspective Blog continued  3/15, 2019:

 I hope you read my Blog for today. It will help you understand this insight. When confronted by someone who gives you a negative emotion rather than the positive emotional response you were hoping for or thought you deserved and you end up feeling hurt or offended in some way, consider the following - send an offer of peace from your heart to their heart and not the negative response you are thinking. Why is that? The negative emotion given off by another is because something had occurred to them in their life that has prevented them from a positive expression around the issue presented by you. They have emotionally suffered from it, and it remains unresolved for them. They continue to carry this burden of hurt and sadness with them even though they are unaware of it. You don't have to take it on for yourself. It is their emotional work to do not yours.  Sure we feel disappointed when someone doesn't respond to us; however, taking on emotions that belong to someone else does not spiritually benefit you. So don't do it! Instead, go with the gracious heart and thank them for listening and make a generous offer of peace to their heart. This inward gift to their spirit may be just the nudge they need to begin the process of healing.   


An Intercession Prayer is taken from Feb. 15, 2019, Morning Prayers in the Magnificat publication.  I added a new line to support the above perspective.


*Response: Raise up the fallen, O God our help!

Give light - to those whose lives are sunk in violence and degradation. *

Give trust - to those who are afraid to trust. *

Give hope - to those who know no meaning. *

Give reconciliation - to those who are at odds with one another *

Give peace - to those who have offended you. *